Perfect for watching stars
Avrilsgranny 10/10/2018

I'm a fan!
McKay C 10/10/2018
My family is a family of campers so I have grown up using chairs similar to this for my whole life. I must say however that this is the first camping chair that I have sat in that actually reclines! This is super comfortable in the reclined position and really is perfect for sitting back and relaxing.

To recline the chair, you just move the arm rests down, then push the poles back. That is it. Super simple.

The fabric on this chair is strong and seems to be quite durable. I am really happy with how comfortable and nice this chair is.

Well worth it.
D.P. JOHN 13/05/2017
I ordered two of these chairs because I was tired of the Wal Mart cheepies breaking after one camping weekend. They are reinforced at the corner where the leg meets the seat and the material is heavy duty. I am very pleased so far!

Great products
D. Towns 10/05/2017

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